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Low Voltage Solutions

Providing a Range of
Commercial & Residential Services

Tidy Services offers a range of commercial and residential low voltage solutions. We run ethernet, audio and other structured wiring to full-on installations of A/V, Security, Wi-Fi and other networking equipment.

We do it all and stand proudly behind our work!


Wiring Clean-up

Want to get rid of old unnecessary cables? We effectively trace all existing wiring and remove the pesky cables that no longer serve their intended purpose.


Ethernet Wiring

Running ethernet is what we do best. We ensure our clients and their properties receive the internet coverage they desire to achieve their goals.


Security Installations

Security cameras and secure door control systems installed the right way. We have the expertise to ensure your building stays monitored and secure throughout.


Audio and Video

From building-wide intercom systems and music enablement to display kiosk deployments, we can accomplish any audio and video tasks you need.

About Us & Why We Are
The Best For The Job

Tidy Services was established in order to provide compotent and affordable services to residential and commercial customers in Illinois. Our team is what sets us apart from the competition. Our employees possess experience in the IT and construction fields and, to put it bluntly, understand the proper ways to run cable and deploy low voltage solutions that work with both technology and construction standards! We feel confident with drilling through drywall, brick, steel, concrete and always perform our services in accordance with building codes so we never have to perform our work twice and waste your time!

Automation Services

Home & Office Automation Services

Tidy Services provides automation services for both commercial & residential buildings. An automation system monitors and controls different aspects of your home, including but not limited to: lights,  HVAC, audio/video, occupancy awareness, electrical usage, leak detection and much more. 

Our services are entirely locked down and secured to ensure your data, and your privacy, remains in your hands.  


Occupancy Awareness

Trigger different actions based on the occupancy of each and every room in your building based on the exact day of the week and time of day. 


License Plate Recognition

Automatically open the front door or your front driveway gate when pulling up to your building and trigger specific lighting scenes and much more.


Safety & Security

Provide a more robust level of safety and security for your valuables or your loved ones with smart water leak detectors, smoke detectors and CO2 detectors.


Energy Efficiency

Take advantage of smart grid integrations and appliance control to reduce your electricity bills and only run appliances when it’s affordable to do so.   

Our Work

Our Recent Projects

Warehouse Wi-Fi Project

  • 11 conduit access point drops
  • 4 shielded ethernet drops
  • Removed 3 cubic yards of old cabling
  • Removal of old security systems
  • 50,000 sq ft of Wi-Fi coverage

Batavia Home

  • Deployment of 8 security cameras
  • 2,400 sq ft of interior Wi-Fi coverage
  • 1 acre of outdoor Wi-Fi coverage
  • 8 outdoor speaker runs
  • Networking equipment installation


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